Marketing With an Auto Responder

The most effective way to promote your website, product or service is to use an Auto Responder. Auto Responders are responsible for up to 80% of sales on websites. So if you’re not using an auto responder think about the business that you’re losing! Your backend sales can be increased by up to 700%. Is the value of an auto responder starting to sink in. Auto responders are a necessity, if you are trying to monetize your site, sell products or promoting a service. If you want to communicate and maximize your advertising dollar, then you need an auto responder.What are auto responders? Auto responders send emails and follow up email messages on a regular basis that you schedule to a list of your contacts or to a list of interested customers for whatever your offer, product or service is. The emails are set to be mailed on a schedule that you set, and can be prepared so that they cover a time period of your discression. Your auto responder service will have a page where you can compose your messages and allow you to schedule when you want your list to receive the messages that you write and the duration of time that you want to cover. Do you want to send the messages every 2 or three days and for how long do you want to send messages. It has been shown that most people don’t respond or purchase anything until they have been contacted 7 times. Enough time to establish a relationship of trust and loyalty. Who do you think will do better? The seller that lets his customers come to his site once and let’s them go away or the seller that captures the necessary information to follow up and build a relationship over time with his customers?You can set up your own Auto responder by purchasing the soft ware and setting it up on a server. The cost of maintaining a server is about 200 dollars a month and you need the technical ability to deal with any issues that arise. It is much easier to use an outside service provider. For a couple of reasons that are obvious, technical issues, and they tend to have employees who keep everything running smoothly and know what is necessary to deliver your messages without being stopped by spam filters. Maintaining proper guidelines keeps them off of any black list and business is maintained as usual. Companies that claim there is some magical formula that gets their emails through are lying, what gets your emails through is the knowledge of what the spam filters are looking for.Once your program is set up and messages are composed it is maintained on auto pilot or automated. Now you have the time to do the more important aspects of your business like the accounting and maintenance of your content on your site, sound exciting? So your customer signs in once or you add them to your list of contacts and the rest is done on auto pilot. Your contacts can unsubscribe anytime by clicking on a link in the follow up email that you send to them.Remember that through your follow up messages you are trying to develop a relationship of trust and loyalty so your messages should have good information and helpful tips about whatever you are trying to promote or sell. Your messages should be close enough together so that your list doesn’t forget you, but far enough apart so that, you don’t become annoying!The Bottom line is that if you’re not using auto responders, you’re losing valuable time and sales. You need to stop whatever else you are doing and get an auto responder service and put it in place!